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Name:Samuel T. Anders
Lighten up. It's only the end of the world.

Anders, Samuel T.

Samuel T. Anders (Battlestar Galactica) is captain of the Caprica Buccaneers pyramid team, based in Caprica City, Caprica. During a trip to the Delphi mountains for high-altitude training, Caprica and the other colonies are nuked by a sentient race of robots known as Cylons. Thanks to the altitude, Sam and the C-Bucs survive the initial attack. They manage to turn themselves from a bunch of ball players into what passes for a resistance force. They join up with whoever they can find -- hikers and survivalists, mostly -- and set about the very unglamorous business of raiding military stores for ammunition, hospitals for anti-radiation meds, and destroying Cylons ("toasters") whenever they can.

Over time they learn that some of the Cylons look, sound, feel, and bleed like humans. Everyone becomes suspect, and no one knows for sure who's a Cylon and who's human. Because of his role as team captain, the resistance looks to him to take charge by default early on. There's nowhere to go but their stronghold, Delphi Union High School, where they do the best they possibly can.

A dedicated fighter and Cylon hater, Sam does everything in his power to eliminate the enemy, even though his only tactical training beyond pyramid comes from what he's seen movies or read in books. He stands 6'3, has brown hair and blue eyes, is left-handed, and pro-athlete physically fit. He has an innate understanding of and affinity toward physics, mathematics and movement as well as sport. Sam can be described as engaging and friendly. He takes care of his people as best he can, and is generally well-liked.

He joins the game fresh from the resistance stronghold on Caprica, three weeks after the initial attack, with no knowledge of the occurrences of the series.

Some things to know before you interact with Sam


official bio (don't even click, man, so frakking many spoilers)
Milliways pyramid league rules

Hey, toasters, over here! This is just a frakking roleplay journal for [community profile] outpost12 and [community profile] milliways_bar. No profit's being made in it, not that money's got any value any more. And whoa, whoa: those userpics? Spoilers, man. Full of spoilers.

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destroying toasters, pyramid, resistance forces

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